The Chero-Cola Story

The Chero-Cola company was founded in 1905 in Columbus, Georgia, by Claud A. Hatcher, a pharmacist.

Chero-Cola: The Origin Story

Explore the fascinating journey of Chero-Cola, a significant player in the early cola industry that paved the way for the renowned RC Cola. Learn about its innovative legacy, its transformation over time, and the lasting impact it has had on the world of soda beverages.

The Inception of a Beverage Giant

The history of Chero-Cola is rich, dating back to the early 20th century. The genesis of this popular brand traces back to the establishment of the Chero-Cola company in 1905 by Claud A. Hatcher. 

Hatcher, a pharmacist based in Columbus, Georgia, embarked on a journey to create refreshing beverages, a path that would lead to the creation of Chero-Cola.

Beyond Soda: A Diverse Portfolio

Before the introduction of Chero-Cola, the company produced various other beverages. From zesty ginger ale to classic root beer, the Chero-Cola company laid its foundation by offering a diverse range of drinks. 

This variety allowed the company to experiment and explore, setting the stage for its flagship product, Chero-Cola.

In 1910, Chero-Cola made its debut. Named after the company itself, Chero-Cola was more than just a soft drink. It represented a significant turning point in the rapidly growing cola market. 

As an early competitor in this sector, Chero-Cola carved out a unique identity, offering consumers a new take on the beloved cola flavor.

The impact of Chero-Cola on the cola industry was substantial. Its creation marked an era of competition and innovation, setting a high bar for other brands. 

At a time when the cola industry was evolving, Chero-Cola held its ground, reflecting the spirit of innovation and quality that the company stood for.

Chero-Cola to Royal Crown Cola: A Transformation

Chero-Cola serves as a reminder that every sip of a cola drink is not just a moment of refreshment but a connection to a rich history of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that continues to shape the beverage industry to this day.

The Rebirth of Chero-Cola

By 1925, the Chero-Cola drink had undergone a significant transformation. Rebranded and reformulated as “Royal Crown Cola”, the drink reflected the evolution of the company and its continued commitment to providing a top-tier beverage experience. T

his transformation was not just a name change but a testament to the company’s adaptability and customer-focused approach.

On the left, is one of the very first Chero-Cola drink coolers. Made of wood!

Royal Crown Cola Co: A New Era

The metamorphosis from Chero-Cola to Royal Crown Cola was complete in 1955 when the company officially changed its name to “Royal Crown Cola Co”. 

This pivotal moment in the company’s history marked the end of the Chero-Cola era and the beginning of a new journey. 

The legacy of Chero-Cola lived on, encapsulated in every can of Royal Crown Cola.


Chero-Cola's Legacy: The RC Cola We Know Today

As time passed, Royal Crown Cola was shortened to the more familiar “RC Cola”. Today, the brand we know as RC Cola is a testament to the legacy of Chero-Cola. 

While it may not command the same level of recognition as behemoths like Coca-Cola or Pepsi, RC Cola’s influence and legacy in the soda industry cannot be understated.

The Chero-Cola company, now known as RC Cola, played a significant role in shaping the soda industry. It was among the pioneers to release a diet cola, “Diet Rite,” and a caffeine-free cola, “RC 100.” 

These innovative steps demonstrated the company’s dedication to catering to diverse consumer needs and setting trends in the industry.

As of today, RC Cola, the descendant of Chero-Cola, continues to be produced and distributed worldwide. While the brand may have evolved, the spirit of Chero-Cola lives on in each can of RC Cola. 

The legacy of Chero-Cola remains an important chapter in the history of the cola industry, reflecting a journey marked by innovation, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to quality.